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Welcome to Cinemobilia!

At the intersection of remediation, creative practice, and archival studies, the Cinemobilia mobile media digitisation lab is a mobile infrastructure tailored to the unique archival and presentation needs of marginalized communities in Canada, specifically community collections that represent an underserved or underrepresented group or community (Indigenous Peoples, women, the LGBT2Q+ community, and immigrant communities).

The project facilitates archiving of audio-visual media, documentation of intangible heritage, presentation of materials in community contexts, and preservation of content, in partnership with established archives and cultural institutions to create participatory forms of archiving, remediation, and presentation.


Nuit Blanche 2022

The 2022 Nuit Blanche Cinemobilia Inaugural Screening Program

Archives of Ontario
York Campus
134 Ian MacDonald Blvd, North York, ON


As part of the 2022 Nuit Blanche festival, CineMobilia is being launched by Archive/Counter-Archive with an all-night, outdoor micro-cinema installation and screening programme. The micro-cinema space will be located across the street from the Archives of Ontario on York University's Keele campus. The screening programme will start at 7 pm and run throughout the rest of the evening and involve many drop in  talks by artists. See below for the full schedule of films (subject to minor revision). Happening alongside the screening program will also be an ongoing hands-on phytogram workshop with music and animation throughout the evening.

Please reach out to our Knowledge Mobilization Officer, Andrew Bailey, at if you have any questions about this event.


Time Event
Ongoing A hands-on phytogram workshop with accompanying music and animation that will be led by Ranvir Signh Sanwal.

12 Hour film screening programme by JP Marchant and Janine Marchessault
7 – 8 PM Archives of Ontario screening of films from their Prieto-McTair collection
8 – 9 PM Mr. Winston LaRose, Ngardy Conteh George (director, producer), and Alison Duke (producer) present Mr. Jane and Finch 45m (2019)
9 – 10 PM Odeimin Runners Club, with films by Debbie Ebanks Schlums, Rebeka Tabobondung, and Adrian Kahgee; Saugeen Takes On Film program, with films by Tiffany Kewageshig, Cassidey Ritchie, Sharon Isaac, Kelsey Diamond, and Natalka Pucan.
10 – 11 PM Works in Progress from the 2022 Independent Imaging Retreat (Film Farm).
11 PM – 12 AM Film Farm and Flower Films by John Greyson, Deirdre Logue, Scott Miller Berry, Rob Butterworth, Phil Hoffman and Alex Granger.
12 – 1:30 AM Personal Archive Films by Artists (Smoker’s Cinema) including Christina Dovolis, Cleo Sallis-Parchet, Franci Duran, Jennifer Dysart, Nada El-Omari, Samuel Kiehoon Lee, Xin Liu, Jean-Pierre Marchant, Ajla Odobasic, Tamara Segura, Ranvir Singh Sanwal, and Jamie Whitecrow!


Cinemobilia at Nuit Blanche

Outside of the Archives of Ontario